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What is Family? Does it Still Matter in Today’s Society?

Hosted at Community Bible Church

Sunday, August 23rd, 6:30pm

**15+ parental guidance suggested


From the Pastor’s Desk

The Danger of Spiritual Drifting ~ Pastor Byron Hand

The Danger of Spiritual Drifting   I read recently of a woman who was vacationing in Florida on the Gulf of Mexico coast. One day during her stay she covered herself in sun tan lotion, stretched out on a raft in the shallow water near her resort and relaxed in paradise. She also went to sleep and her raft didn’t stay in the shallows by the shore near her resort. She woke up about two miles from shore and as she tried to kick her way back her raft kept getting bumped by some sharks in the area (also not in the shallows by the shore). The story does have a happy ending, as the terrified sunbather was rescued some seven miles off shore. It is amazing how easily we can drift and how far off course we can drift when we are not aware of it. Christians can do the same thing (and often do). They are right where they should be with the Lord. They are enjoying the blessing of God and are nearly in paradise. Everything is working right. At church, at home, in my walk with the Lord all is well. It is about then that we shift into neutral and just desire to rest for a while. We have our spiritual sunblock on and are resting in the shallows. We are not taking any risks or venturing far from shore. Everything is fine! That is when we begin to imperceptibly begin to drift. We care less and less about our time in God’s word. When we skip our quiet time it doesn’t really bother...

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