Prepared with No Explanation

In the book of Job, we are confronted with suffering. A common place problem that all human beings experience to one degree or another. Some very complex questions arise from the problem of suffering that are not easy to answer. The book of Job does not answer all of these questions. For example, the reason behind suffering is not answered in the book. Job does not learn why suffering came into his life. WE have no record that God ever told Job of the heavenly council meeting or the conversations in chapter 1-2. The book does not explain how the sovereignty of God and human suffering can be reconciled.

It does become clear, however, that at the heart of the book of Job is how we should respond when suffering hits home. More specifically, it will become clear that the main question posted to us in Job is whether God is worthy of our worship even if he brings suffering into our lives. Job is ultimately about the character of God and how believers should respond to Him when life becomes very difficult.

Job is so immensely relevant to every one of us because all of us, to one degree or another, will face suffering. The questions at stake are two:

  1. Are we prepared? (Job 1:1-5)
  2. How will we respond to God when these dark days come?

Friday of this week I took a brief visit to Facebook and saw the post of a friend I was in bible college with. He and his wife have faithfully served the Lord for many years in both church and camping ministry. Passionate for the Lord, the Lord’s People and the Lost.  Here is part of his post on Facebook:

This message is extended to all my family and friends on Facebook. I hope you all take special note since this may very well be my last FB message posted.

My Dr. has told me that I have glioblastoma level 4 which is an aggressive and inoperable brain tumor. I hope that you prepare for the same journey that I am prepared for.

To my friends who know the promise of Heaven, I know we will meet again. Salvation is not accomplished by what we do, but rather by what He has done for us on our behalf.

Please pray for Calvin and Holly and their family … Prepared with no explanation

See You Sunday,

Pastor Byron