Our  church  family  needs  to  continually  embrace  the  Big  Picture  of  understanding  our   need  for  redemption  from  our  sin  and  reconciliation  with  God,  as  found  in  the  unfolding   plan  and  person  of  Jesus  Christ  (Gen.  3:15  cf.  Is.  7:14;  Mt.  1:23;  Gal.  4:3-­‐5;  Heb.  2:14-­‐18;   Rev.  20:10).    When  we  look  at  life  through  these  lenses,  navigating  each  day  biblically   becomes  possible.    So  what  biblical  truths  do  we  need  to  actively  engage  our  minds  to   drive  our  habits  and  behaviors  in  2015?

In  the  previous  chapter,  we  discussed  that  God  created  mankind  to  be  worshipers.  If  you   trace  our  origins  and  history  from  Genesis  to  the  present,  we  all  from  out  of  our  hearts   worship  something.    Something  will  always  gravitate  to  the  throne  of  our  hearts.  Paul   Tripp  has  well  said,  “Jesus  came  to  break  the  back  of  your  idolatry.  Jesus  came  to  free   you  from  your  addiction  to  the  shadow  glories  of  the  created  world.  Start  right  here,   right  now  by  crying  out  for  His  help.  Admit  that  you’re  magnetized  by  a  whole  catalog  of   god-­‐replacements,  and  ask  Jesus  to  intervene  on  your  behalf.”  There  are  no  passive   worshippers,  only  idolaters  and  God-­‐fearers.    This  means  we  need  to  take  intentional   steps  to Reclaim  Worshiping.

The  next  biblical  truth  we  need  to  actively  engage  our  minds-­‐  Reclaim  Witnessing  in   2015.    Witnessing  is  the  outflowing  testimony  from  a  worshipper  of  Jesus  Christ.    This   outflowing  testimony  is  primarily  a  proclamation;  which  means  Christians  share  about   Jesus  and  the  transformation  He  brings  to  humanity  through  the  gospel.

Jesus  said,  “you  will  be  my  witnesses  (Acts  1:8).”  This  is  a  statement  of  fact-­‐  I  am  a   witness.  Christian  you  need  to  ask  yourself,  “What  kind  of  witness  for  Jesus  am  I  being?”

As  Christians,  we  clearly  share  the  importance  of  repenting  from  one’s  sins  and   embracing  Jesus  Christ,  as  their  Lord  and  Saviour.    A  quote  I’ve  heard  far  to  often  that   says,  “Preach  the  gospel.  If  necessary  use  words.”  D.A.  Carson  states  that  it  would  be   like  telling  a  news  reporter  to  “Give  the  news  and  if  necessary  use  words.”  The  bible’s   primary  teaching  is  that  we  proclaim  the  gospel  with  words.  The  Bible  says,  “Everyone   who  calls  on  the  name  of  the  Lord  will  be  saved.  How,  then,  can  they  call  on  the  one  they   have  not  believed  in?  And  how  can  they  believe  in  the  one  of  whom  they  have  not  heard?   And  how  can  they  hear  without  someone  preaching  to  them?  And  how  can  anyone   preach  unless  they  are  sent?  As  it  is  written:  “How  beautiful  are  the  feet  of  those  who   bring  good  news!  (Rm.  10:13-­‐15)”  The  best  way  you  can  “love  your  neighbor  as  yourself   (Mt.  22:39)”  is  to  share  Jesus  and  the  gospel  clearly.    The  impact  from  sharing  the  gospel   touches  eternal  proportions.

Play  the  movie  of  the  past  6  months  of  your  life  in  your  mind.  How  have  you  used   opportunities  in  your  week  to  tell  others  about  Jesus  Christ?

If  you  struggle  with  this,  I  recommend  you  start  with  evaluating  the  quality  and  the   extent  of  your  Worship  of  Jesus  into  all  the  areas  of  your  life.    Do  you  praise  Jesus  for  His   redemption  from  not  only  the  penalty  of  sin,  but  also  the  power  of  sin’s  grip  in  your  life?

How  can  you  make  intentional  changes  today  in  your  daily  routines  to  Reclaim   Worshiping?    Take  action  today,  and  sharing  about  the  transformation  Jesus  brings  in   your  life  will  be  in  your  heart  and  on  your  lips.    The  Cross  Current  is  a  ministry  to  help   train  by  example  the  normalizing  of  sharing  our  faith  in  Jesus.    Check  out  these   testimonies  of  Christians  from  London-­‐  click  here     http://thecrosscurrent.com/equipping/

In  a  secondary  manner,  Christians  need  to  show  the  compassion  of  Jesus  by  their   actions,  and  addressing  the  tangible  needs  of  others.    However,  the  important  thing  to   remember  is  that  we  must  always  be  about  sharing  the  gospel.    The  Apostle  Paul   reached  out  to  care  for  many  of  the  tangible  needs  of  others  (Gal.  2:10),  but  he  always   prioritized  the  sharing  the  good  news  of  Jesus.    When  Paul  had  one  chance  to  share  or   show,  he  always  chose  to  invest  in  the  proclamation  of  the  gospel,  “to  open  their  eyes,   so  that  they  may  turn  from  darkness  to  light  and  from  the  power  of  Satan  to  God,  that   they  may  receive  forgiveness  of  sins  and  a  place  among  those  who  are  sanctified  by   faith…  (Acts  26:18).”    Joni  Eareckson  Tada  tells  her  testimony  of  being  a  quadriplegic,   and  seeking  to  understand  Jesus’s  actions  towards  both  the  proclamation  of  the  gospel   and  the  showing  of  compassion  and  healing.    Invest  your  time  further  and  listen  to  her   testimony-­‐  click  here  http://youtu.be/NI22o5u32z0

Let  us  start  to  navigate  the  “manageable  moments”  of  2015  to  Reclaim  Witnessing  for   Jesus  Christ.  Engage  in  the  unapologetic  proclamation  of  Jesus  Christ.    Share  the   transformation  that  comes  through  repenting  of  our  sins  and  embracing  Jesus  Christ  by   faith,  as  our  Saviour  and  Lord.    This  is  a  practical  step  in  experiencing  God  in  all  areas  of   your  life  this  New  Year.